from the Greek word (ἄξιος), which means “trustworthy”.

At Axios Group, we stand true to the meaning of our name.

It is more than a brand; it is the philosophy that guides our actions.

AXIOS LAW is the result of many years of experience in corporate and fiduciary law, international trade and real estate, accumulated by its partners.

The experience acquired through decades of professional practice and the continuous training and update of our team allow the provision of efficient and timely solutions to the needs of our selected clientele.

Its qualified group of legal professionals constantly endeavor to expand, enrich and renew the capacity of the Firm in order to maintain the highest professional standards, providing tailor-made, sophisticated solutions to local and international clients.

AXIOS TRUST is a licensed trust company that assists clients in the planning, management and transfer of their assets to future generations. Its staff is formed by one of the country’s best-trained teams in the area of fiduciary services. The fact that Axios is not a bank-owned trust entity allows clients the flexibility to work with the financial institutions of their choice.

Capitalizing on the prestige and expertise of its partners and supported by a team of experts in common law and civil law trusts, Axios Trust provides a full range of trustee and other fiduciary services to individual and corporate clients who require tailor-made, efficient solutions within an environment of discretion and personalized treatment.

In observance of statutory provisions, its stringent Due Diligence standards require full compliance with KYC as well as AML international and local regulations.

AXIOS COMPLIANCE advises clients on Due Diligence requirements, best practices and internal procedures, ascertaining that they are fully compliant with local statutory requirements. In addition, our team of experts is able to train our clients’ staff in the application of the tools and the procedures that apply to their business’ specific area or activity.

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